Are there additional costs or charges?

We do not charge additional costs apart from the ones clearly stated which includes

  1. Percentage commission charges we make on each transaction when you make a sale.
  2. Subscription plans payment.
  3. Sales of points.
  4. Charges for Product promotions and advertisements.

Support Included?

Every customer has access to our 24 hrs customer service.

Each subscription plan has different support and priority levels, however, issues are resolved within 24-48 hrs of notice for all subscription plans.

Please check our pricing page for more information on support based on subscription plans.

How do I start buying or selling?

You can start selling with 3 simple steps,

  1. Download the app and register as a waste dealer
  2. Take a picture of the waste you want to sell or dispose
  3. Catalog it

Our system will automate the rest in getting you a buyer, a waste initiative program to subscribe to or a waste disposal service you can work with.

To start buying

  1. Download the app and register as a waste merchant
  2. Set up your store, materials you collect with prices, minimum weight and sorting information, services you offer or waste programs you run. And if you run a green store you can upload items you wish to exchange for points or cash payment.
  3. Catalog it

Our system will automate the rest by notifying potential customers etc

What about Refunds?

Our platform supports refunds, however, we are more interested and prefer a happy seller and buyer win-win situation, so to guide against undue exploitation of waste workers and to create transparency in the supply chain, we advise parties use the payment rule feature alongside the reviews and rating features.

We always allow customers to sort things out and get involved when no resolution between parties.

Can I change Plans or cancel at any time?

Yes, Waste merchants and Waste Dealers can change subscription plans or cancel at any time, we offer monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions, however you must cancel 7 days before the new month to avoid being charged for the next month.

How do you handle delivery?

We automatically capture accurate GPS locations and aggregate recyclable waste, or waste disposal requests by type and location, while connecting waste buyers to waste sellers, we automatically create optimal schedules and routes for the efficient location for pick-ups and drop-offs, this helps to eliminate location barriers both locally and globally.

Alternatively, our platform supports flexible delivery options, you can choose personally drop-off or pickup or use our third-party delivery service providers to schedule pick-ups and drop-offs.

Which payment options do I have?

Our platform supports multiple payment options, unique to users’ locations and covers banked and the unbanked. We are partnering with Mobile payment Organisation to provide flexibility for waste merchants to  send and receive payment in real-time locally and globally

We currently support payment via cash (card transactions) or point-based payment so you can make payments, get paid or receive payment via either channel.

How does the beta trial work?

Our beta version works with demo data you help you get familiar with the system, but you can switch to live payment and transaction anytime you wish.

When our production release is ready all system demo data will be removed.

Why do you support point-based payment?

Point-based payments are supported to provide flexibility and financial inclusion for the un-banked and to support waste initiatives that prefer to give other forms of value instead of cash. Our goal is to empower recycling efforts to perform anywhere.

These points are powered by Blockchain tokens so the value can be the same and can be converted to some other value anywhere.

How do I get paid for my trash or cleanup exercise?

OkwuEco App support multiple payment options, you will need to provide us your account details or set up your preferred kind of payment out of the supported payment methods on the platform. Preferable a bank account will be fine so agreed payment based on payment rules on the transaction between seller and buyer can be made directly to it.

If you don’t set up and account with us payments will be withheld until you provide one and request a payout.

What if I don’t want to sell, dispose or buy trash, how can OkwuEco APP benefit me?

OkwuEco App offers several other benefits such as

  1. You can track and report illegal dumpsites to relevant authorities,
  2. You can sponsor or organize cleanups exercise a way to engage your friends or community to preserve our environment,
  3. You can promote eco-friendly products or alternatives.
  4. You can catch up with trends and legislation around recycling and waste management and other eco-friendly help tips.

We platform is designed not only to serve as an engine for economic growth but also to serve as an educational tool while champing innovation in waste management and recycling.

What’s the difference between a waste dealer and a waste merchant?

A Waste Dealer (Seller) is one who sellers waste or have waste disposal needs this includes individuals, communities, business organizations, waste pickers, etc.

Waste Merchant (Buyer) is one who buys waste materials or delivers waste disposal services, this includes Brands, manufactures, recycling companies, government establishment, waste management initiatives NGOs, etc.

What materials are supported or promoted on the platform?

We support the recycling and efficient disposals of any kind of waste materials from recyclable to non-recyclable or compost.

However, we are starting out with Plastics, Paper, Glass, Metals, and Organic waste (Compost).

Check our categories and subcategories of materials supported

Why is it a two in one App?

We bundled them as a two in one app to with a design focus on creating unique platform experiences and easy switch form waste dealers to waste merchants for esteem users instead of bordering them on which app bundle to download and use, we hope to split the app as our business grow and expand our engineering team.

How does the OkwuEco app work?

OkwuEco App works in two ways for the waste dealer itis a mobile and web app that uses image recognition technology to help you identify what you can recycle and dispose, gives you information on how to sort them to get better price for them and connects you to waste merchant brands or manufacture who pay for this trash or collects a fee for disposal. You can use the OkwuEco app to report illegal dumpsite, sponsor or organize a cleanup, either way, we will send a notification to the relevant parties.

For the waste merchant it provides them with tools to manage, grow and scale their recycling efforts, by connecting them to new markets beyond their location, Exposing their waste initiatives with tools for user engagement, help them lower entry barriers, and overhead cost on logistics, accepting and making payment, scheduling pickups and drop-offs, tracking wastes and more.